Darth Vader, the Borderline

From trauma to anger outbursts, from conflicted self-image to self-destructive relationships. With a quick search you can discover a sea of articles, research and discussions questioning Anakin Skywalker's troubled mind. A few years ago the scientific journal Psychiatry Research announced an upcoming piece that made the news before it was even published. The study titled "Is Anakin Skywalker suffering … Continue reading Darth Vader, the Borderline


3 Helpful Videos About Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder This beautiful animation by Ofir Sasson has a fun and light approach to the complicated world of BPD. I always share this one and still adore it. Secrets of People Who Live With Borderline Personality Disorder The Mighty is one of the best sources of news related to mental health and other … Continue reading 3 Helpful Videos About Borderline Personality Disorder